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Dec 01, 2015
Brockville 4.3˚C 3-day Forecast

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    BOB's Secret Santa

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  • This month it's: Swiss Chalet

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BOB's VIDEO OF THE DAY: Batman Vs Superman teaser

Batman and Superman are definitley NOT friends. Watch the new footage here.

BOB's VIDEO OF THE DAY: Black Friday Madness

Stealing from a kid is about as low as you can go, but it's all good on Black Friday! Watch this lady do it in some Black Friday madness.
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Foo Fighters Foo Fighters released a new 5 song EP that’s available for FREE download. What do you think of the title track “Saint Cecilia”?
  • BOB knows if you've been Naughty or Nice, with BOB's Secret Santa!  Read More
  • BOB Listeners can win $30 for McDonald's!  Read More
  • Check out BOB's featured Restaurant of the Month for December: Swiss Chalet  Read More
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